Our Team

Maricel Freestone From Los olivos, Lima, Peru.

Served as a LDS missionary for 2 years. Volunteered at Eagle Condor Humanitarian Organization, my main job was help to the most prestigious doctors around USA to go to hospitals in Peru for surgeries to the poorest people in my country, thanks to these efforts many people are walking again. I also visited orphanages to help kids and mothers in terrible condition with food, water, and education.

Animal lover and helper. My main work was to help straight cats and dogs with food and a place to stay, until I could find a new owner for all of them, nowadays my father is still taking care with some of them.

The love of service is in my heart and soul, since I was a kid I been helping animals and kids, I even didn’t care if I have to fight to defend them.

Love for everyone is first! I am glad to be involved with Giving Hearts of Utah