Help Us Build Bathrooms, Kitchen and Patios

These villages are located more than 3 hours from Cajamarca City in a very remote area.

Cajamarca, Peru

With all our heart, we are working on a project to provide bathrooms, clean working kitchen facilities and safe playground for schools around Cajamarca, Peru.  The schools are located high up in the Andes Mountains.  The schools were constructed and function well, but the bathrooms are adobe construction without functioning doors or running water.

The children squat down and shoot for a hole in the floor.  We hope to improve this and provide clean, functional restroom facilities. The kitchens are basic where cooking is in a fire on the floor and cleaning takes place with water from a single faucett that drains onto the ground in the breezeway.   The playground is on a hill.  The children playing soccer there, have to chase the ball down the hill any time it is kicked out of the play area.

The grounds do not have any fencing around the school and besides losing the ball it creates a safety and security issue with the school.  We are looking for donations to cover the expenses of providing these needed services to these small town elementary schools.

We are working in conjunction with the Fundacion Guiar from Lima Peru. Our efforts from Peru Fest Utah  will help with this project

Project Estimate $40,000